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Elephants are probably one of the most majestic animals to roam the planet. These enormous mammals of strength and unique beauty always catch our eyes, and we are often blown away by their intelligence...

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What makes zebras so cool? Zebras look a lot like a horse or donkey with a mohawk and striped pajamas, but there is more to them than just the interesting appearance...

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Black Panthers

When someone says "black panther", most people picture a large beautiful species of black cat, slinking through a jungle in Asia somewhere. The reality is that there is no one specific species of large black cat called a black panther.

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Sea Turtles

The sea turtle (superfamily Chelonioidea, often called the "marine turtle") is a beautiful marine creature that has existed much longer than human beings. The seven extant species of sea turtles are olive ridley, Kemp's ridley, loggerhead, green, hawksbill, leatherback, and flatback. What makes these turtles so fascinating and well-loved by us humans? Read on to find out!

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